Practice Transformation with Digital Dentistry:Part I - The Single Tooth

A Unique, Immersive Team Experience, Guiding Participants in
Fully Integrating Digital Workflows Into Their Clinical Practices

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Course Overview

This unique, immersive team experience guides participants in fully
integrating digital workflows into their clinical practices, for the benefit of their patients and themselves. Designed for the surgeon and restorative dentist, and their key dental assistants, this course will utilize lecture material, interactive discussions, treatment of live cases, and hands-on laboratory exercises to master all conceptual and technical aspects of digital dentistry, ensuring its efficient and effective utilization.

Course Includes:

  • Putting together an effective treatment team
  • Case presentatio
  • Coordination of interdisciplinary care
  • The treatment sequence from implant insertion to delivery of the final crown
  • Digital workflows from impression taking to delivery of the
  • High quality digital scanning
  • Interactive demonstrations of abutment and provisional restorations designs
  • Hands-on demonstrations of preparing the digitally designed
    restoration for printing, printing the restoration, curing the
    restoration, and “finishing” the restoration
  • “Fine-tuning” the restoration following printing
  • An interactive discussion of utilization of digital technologies to
    bring about practice transformation and continued growth and

Course Instructors:
Dr. Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS
Chris May, CDT
Larry Brison, CDA