Neurotoxins in Private Practice: Clinical & Practical Realities

Neurotoxin use has become an imperative part of comprehensive oral health care. Management of parafunction, muscle tension, and headaches all help to maximize the quality and longevity of dental therapy, and improve patient outcomes. Learn how we use neurotoxins in a collaborative setting, working between medical and dental professionals, and optimizing insurance coverage so patients can receive the therapy they need. Observe live delivery of neurotoxin for various applications, and bring examples of cases you’re interested in working up.

Dates for this Fugazzotto Institute Course will be announced soon.

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Course Overview

Getting your house in order:

  1. Training and empowering your staff
  2. Record keeping (consent forms, documentation, etc.)
  3. Managing your schedule
  4. Determining fees for various therapies
  5. Developing Effective patient info

Marketing your practice:

  1. Internal marketing
  2. External marketing
  3. Marketing in the digital age

Physicians Communications:

  1. To streamline patient care
  2. To Maximize treatment results

Third-party patient financing

  1. Close cases
  2. Eliminate account receivables

Maximizing Insurance Coverage:

  1. Dental
  2. Medical
  3. Medicare

Therapeutic Realities

  • Understanding patient needs and desires
  • Performing a thorough examination
  • A review of appropriate anatomy
  • Mechanisms of action of Neurotoxin
  • Techniques for delivering Neurotoxin
  • Neurotoxin use during case work-up
  • Neurotoxin and Parafunction
  • Neurotoxin and “TMJ” pain
  • Neurotoxin and mucogingival therapy
  • How much Neurotoxin is enough?
  • How much Neurotoxin is too little?
  • How effective is Neurotoxin in each scenario?
  • Post-operative care
  • Managing complications
  • How long does Neurotoxin last?
  • Medical contraindications to Neurotoxin

CE Credit: 11 hours

Course Type: Lecture/Live Demonstration


Live 1 Day Course: $1,295
Live 1 Day Webinar: $1,295
On-Demand 1 Day Course: $895 (Coming Soon)