Neurotoxins in Private Practice: Clinical & Practical Realities

Treatment of parafunction is crucial to maximize the success of implant therapies, protect natural teeth, and extend the longevity of restorative therapies. Neurotoxin utilization, in conjunction with appropriate parafunctional and/or sleep appliances, is a key component of comprehensive care.

In addition to the above advantages, proper neurotoxin use improves treatment outcomes, and positively impacts patient quality of life through amelioration of muscle tension and headaches. We will discuss management of parafunction, muscle tension, and headaches, however, not all neurotoxin therapies are the same.  

Learn how neurotoxin use impacts all levels of care; from diagnosis, to surgical therapies & to long term success. Observe live neurotoxin therapies in a number of clinical scenarios.  Feel free to bring cases you would like to discuss.

In addition, you will gain a better understanding of the impact of neurotoxin use on practice success, and how to access patients' medical insurance.

Course Overview

Topics to be Discussed in Depth Include:

  • Understanding patient needs and desires
  • Performing a thorough examination
  • A review of appropriate anatomy
  • Mechanisms of action of Neurotoxin
  • Techniques for delivering Neurotoxin
  • Neurotoxin use during case work-up
  • Neurotoxin and Parafunction
  • Neurotoxin and “TMJ” pain
  • Neurotoxin and mucogingival therapy
  • How much Neurotoxin is enough?
  • How much Neurotoxin is too little?
  • How effective is Neurotoxin in each scenario?
  • Post-operative care
  • Neurotoxin use in patients with sleep apnea
  • Managing complications
  • How long does Neurotoxin last?
  • Medical contraindications to Neurotoxin
  • Accessing patient medical insurance

CE Credit: 7

Course Type: Lecture/Live Demonstration


Live 1 Day Course: $1,595.00
Live 1 Day Webinar: $1,595.00
On-Demand Modular: $900.00