Effective Prevention and Management of Implant Complications

Surgical and restorative treatment planning to prevent implant failures. Implant failure rates, including “failing” immobile implants, should be less than 1% after 10 years in function. Achieving such results requires expansion of diagnostic protocols, incorporation of more comprehensive treatment modalities, stricter definitions of regenerative and implant success, an evolved understanding of the impact of implant dimensions, composition and configuration on treatment outcomes, and the utilization of only the finest regenerative, implant, and restorative materials. Bring clinical documentation of complications and failures with you for discussion.

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  • Prevent implant complications and failures with effective surgical and restorative treatment planning
  • Predictably treat failing and failed implants
  • Minimize patient trauma
  • Maximize treatment outcomes
  • Create an effective implant warranty program
  • Take control of failures before they control you!

Course Instructor:

Dr. Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS
Dr. Andrew Brodsky, DMD, MSD

CE Credit: 11 hours

Course Type: Lecture/Live Surgery


Live 2 Day: $1,995
Online “live 2 day”: $1,995
Modular 2 day: Anytime: $1,495